With many differing rules and decade-long attempts by taxing authorities to establish “streamlined” uniformity, compliance with sales and use tax laws demands business resources and can cause unforeseen budget woes.

Correct payment and collection of sales and use taxes, especially for an organization that spans multiple states and taxing jurisdictions, can be a significant challenge for any business.

Complicating factors include the ever-increasing taxation of non-traditional items such as services, software and maintenance agreements, to the proper tax calculations, credits or exemptions to claim on traditional items such as machinery, equipment and supplies. Other challenges facing tax planners include statutory tax refund provisions in lieu of up-front exemptions or the proper calculation of tax offsets to apply against sales or use tax audit assessments.

ith over 50 years of multi-state and local tax experience, Brown Taxes’ professionals have the experience necessary to effectively minimize state and local tax burdens. Our senior level tax experts work directly with clients on every engagement to maintain a high level of personal attention and professionalism often unparalleled by larger firms.

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